Arts program

FACE offers a unique fine arts program that focuses on four subjects: instrumental and vocal music, visual arts and drama. All four fine arts courses are mandatory at all levels from grade 1 through high school.

The purpose of the program is not to train professional artists. The goal is to learn through the arts, as opposed to learning the arts.

The arts program makes up a third of all classes at every level, or approximately 6 to 9 hours of class time per week depending on the grade level.


  • Introduction to visual arts and vocal music

Elementary Grades 1-3

  • Introduction to visual arts
  • Introduction to drama
  • Orff instrumental music (xylophone, percussions, recorder)
  • Vocal music
  • Two instrumental and vocal music concerts per year.
  • Extracurricular Activities (with participation fees)
    • Suzuki method (violin),
    • Danse

Elementary – Grades 4 to 6

  • Visual arts
  • Drama
  • Instrumental music :
    • In Grade 4 students are assigned a wind or string instrument, provided by the school, that they will continue to play throughout their time at FACE.
  • Vocal music : Participation in Harmonie (string orchestra) or Band (wind instruments)
  • Extra-curricular activities
    • Young FACE singers – Junior Choir
    • Jazz Band
    • Symphony orchestra
    • Dance
    • Spanish
    • Sports activities

High School – Grades 7 to 11

  • Visual arts
  • Drama
  • Music – instrumental
  • Music – vocal
    • Two instrumental and two vocal concerts per year
    • Participation in Harmonie (string orchestra) or Band (wind instruments)

English as a Second Language Program, 3 levels:

  • Regular
  • Enriched
  • Equivalent to English first language instruction

Each year, our Grades 8-11 instrumental students participate in the Music Fest de Montréal and the Ottawa Kiwanis Festival, where they always win either the gold or silver medals.

Specific courses in Grades 10 and 11

  • Math – Culture, society and technology
  • Math – Technico-science
  • Math – Science
  • Science and technology
  • Physics and chemistry
  • Film and literature classes
  • Theatrical productions in Grades 10 and 11

Extra-curricular activities

  • Young FACE singers senior choir (participation in numerous outside events)
  • Blues band
  • Senior jazz band (played at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2007)
  • Symphony orchestra (plays at various outside events ; has regularly been awarded the gold medal)
  • Dance
  • Photography (introduction to film development and dark room procedures)
  • Sports : badminton, soccer, basket ball
  • Class trip in Grade 11 : New York and possibly one other outside-Quebec trip.

FACE students are accepted without difficulty into other public and private institutions, at primary, secondary and college levels. The statistics speak for themselves :

– 99% obtain their high school leaving certificate (Diplôme d’études secondaires)
– 85% to 90% continue on to the college of their choice in a range of disciplines