The family program


The family program was created at FACE to compensate for the lack of a homeroom teacher at the elementary level and to maintain continuity at the high school level.

The gist of this program is that each family teacher establishes a mentoring relationship with a specific group of students. This concept has existed at FACE since the school’s beginnings and is now found in the latest education reform of the Ministère de l’Éducation des Loisirs et du Sport at the high school level.

The family group structure

For elementary grades 1 and 2, students are placed in a multi-grade family group. Students meet with their family group every morning and for one period every week.

From grade 3 to grade 5, family groups consist of one grade only. This better corresponds to the students need to belong to a group, which is common at this age. Family groups at this level meet for one period each week.

Due to students’ busy timetables, family groups no longer have a specific meeting period starting in grade 6. Instead, their activities revolve around cultural outings, conferences, and other age-appropriate activities.

The family program

The family program encompasses the « ethics and religious culture » program. It provides students with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and to engage in civic activity.

The family teacher is also responsible for ensuring that his or her group integrates itself harmoniously into the school community as a whole. Both minor and more serious day-to-day problems are managed by the family teacher particularly with the younger grades.

Most field trips and several other activities are with family groups of the same level combining French- and English speaking students.