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Selection of candidates by random draw

FACE School is not a neighbourhood school in the sense outlined by the EMSB’s Admissions Policy. FACE School is a special orientation school whose area covers the whole territory of the CSDM and of the EMSB. For this reason, all students who live within the CSDM’s or the EMSB’s territory are a part of FACE School’s territory. Living closer to the School does not give students preference for admittance.

A financial contribution is requested. These fees contribute to the financing of the art program.

Kindergarten: 220 $ per year which includes:

  • 10$ for the agenda
  • 210$ for the art program

Additional lunchtime supervision fees will be charged payable directly to the daycare service (for information please contact Lise Leblanc, daycare supervisor, at 514-350-8897).

Grades 1 to 11: 500 $ per year per child which includes :

  • 225$ for supervision (elementary level) or extra teaching time (high school level)
  • 10 $ for the agenda
  • 265$ for the art program.

Please note that the Face T-shirt for physical education classes and the FACE Polo shirt for concerts is required for all students as of grade 1. In September 2014, these articles were sold at a price of 10$ for the T-shirt and 20$ for the Polo shirt.

The number of available places is limited, as follows :

  • Kindergarten: 30 places
  • Grades 1 to 6: 0 to 3 places per level, depending on current number of students in any given level

High school, with selection interviews and an instrumental music audition if necessary

A student who does not play a musical instrument can still be admitted. Introductory music courses are offered in Grades 7 and 8.

  • Grade 7 : 2 to 5 places
  • Grades 8 to 11 : 0 to 3 places per level, depending on current number of students in any given level

Evaluation of Elementary School applications and admission letter

Admission letters wil be sent at the end of January (kindergarten only) and at the end of February (all other grade levels), shortly after the applications evaluation and a random draw.

Evaluation of High School applications and admission letter

Applications evaluation and random draw are done in February (all grade levels of High School). An admission letter will be sent home shortly after. The examination of the students’ academic record may be followed by an interview if necessary.

Please, do not call the School; wait for the letter.

All incomplete applications will be rejected.

Criteria for admission at FACE :

  • An affinity for the Arts at both elementary and high school levels
  • An academic record showing no particular difficulties (FACE’s demanding program requires that all students be autonomous)
  • Territory Criteria (French Sector : CSDM territory) – English Sector : EMSB territory)
  • Sibling Criteria (Priority to students with siblings already at FACE)
  • Language of instruction Criteria : knowledge of the language of instruction (French or English) is obligatory, even at the kindergarten level. The school does not offer welcoming class services (classes d’accueil). A child with no knowledge of either of the designated languages will have to be rerouted to a welcoming class in another school.